Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Dallas, TX? We Will Fight for You

If you are being accused of a crime you did not commit, speak with a criminal defense attorney in Dallas, TX. The experts at the Law Office of John M. Lozano have the experience necessary to clear your name.

As a former Dallas County Assistant District Attorney, John M. Lozano understands the ins and outs of prosecution. This knowledge, along with over 30 years owning his private practice, gives our team the ability to construct the best defense possible for our clients’ cases.

Helping Minority Voices Be Heard

We understand that minorities are frequently misrepresented, marginalized, and stereotyped before they have the chance to present their case in court. Our firm believes that you are innocent until proven guilty. We offer our clients unbiased support, and we focus on defending your legal rights and making sure you are treated fairly.

We believe in justice and equality for all. Regardless of race or nationality, everyone deserves a fair trial.

Putting Our Experience to the Test

When you have a lawyer on your side, you should have the assurance that all legal procedures are followed correctly. Our team works hard to fully understand the situation of our clients. We will review the evidence and gather additional information on our own to ensure a fair outcome for your case.

The hallmark of our law office is our willingness to fight for our clients. We commit to research your case adequately and prepare an aggressive strategy for when we go to trial.

Our combined experience in appellate, state, and federal courts provides a unique understanding of the trial system. This advantage enables us to properly represent our clients and negotiate the best terms for your situation.

Choose the experts at the Law Office of John M. Lozano to be your criminal defense attorneys in Dallas, TX, and we promise that a fair trial is exactly what you will receive.

Call us today to discuss your case—our bilingual staff is willing to answer any questions you have.

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